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Sharing the message of hope requires a unified effort. Partners and sponsors are the vital threads that weave our vision into reality, amplifying our impact and reach. Their financial support allows our Ministry to implement a FREE event for youth that fuels the flames of hope, enabling us to engage with more young souls and guide them toward a life rooted in faith and love. By collaborating with us, our partners and sponsors play a pivotal role in creating FREE events that are transforming lives and communities, helping to accomplish our mission to be “The Love of God in Action.” Ready to join us? Your involvement can help improve the lives of countless youth seeking hope and purpose. Contact us today to explore how you can partner with RUSH Ministries. Together, let’s share the light of the gospel that illuminates hearts and paves the way for a brighter, faith-filled tomorrow. Connect with us and let’s make a lasting difference together.

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Our RUSH team is a growing force fueled by a shared passion for spreading the love of God and transforming the lives of young people. As we envision the future and the many lives we aim to touch, we are actively seeking individuals who resonate with our passions and beliefs to join our mission. Whether you’re interested in staff positions, envision a role as a mentor, or are eager to lend a helping hand during our upcoming events, there’s a place for you in our vibrant team. We believe in the power of unity, and every contribution, big or small, plays a significant role in amplifying the impact of the Gospel. If you’re ready to be a part of something life changing and make a lasting difference in the lives of today’s youth, we invite you to take the next step. Fill out the form below to discover the exciting opportunities that await you as a member of the RUSH Ministries team. Together, let’s inspire and transform lives through the faith and the love of Jesus Christ! Join us today!