Founder & President

Todd Gollnick

Todd is an esteemed graduate of The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he honed his teaching skills and earned his degree. With thirteen years of experience as a professional educator, Todd has showcased leadership at various levels, from the classroom to roles as an advisor, coach, and department head. During his tenure as an educator, he witnessed firsthand the challenges and pressures that today’s youth face, fueling his passion to offer them hope and a promising future through a personal relationship with Christ.

Beyond his dedication to education, Todd is a skilled business owner and event director, boasting over twenty years of expertise in event management across all scales. He has seamlessly collaborated with Grammy Award-winning artists and prominent national and international brands. As devoted Christians, Todd and his wife, Heather, strive to invest their talents and abilities into God’s Kingdom, embodying the essence of our calling at RUSH Ministries – to be The Love of God in Action.

In this shared journey of faith, Todd and Heather have been blessed with three accomplished children, Joshua, Jordan, and Zachary, all proud graduates of Liberty University. Together, their family exemplifies the values and mission of RUSH Ministries, driven by love, faith, and the desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young hearts.